About Us

Trirem is a variation of trireme which derived from the Latin word triremis, meaning “with three banks of oars”. Trireme refers to a large galley built to accommodate three tiers of oarsmen inside the ship. The trireme ship was built by the Phoenicians, a seafaring nation that controlled the sea routes of the Mediterranean with their ships and knowledge of the sea.

The trireme was the avant-garde battleship of its day; it dominated the sea from 2,200 BC until the sixth century AD. Triremes were a feat of engineering that pushed the technological limits of their time. Through innovative design that was founded on the careful consideration of many variables, the people of the Mediterranean were able to develop a ship that surpassed all others in power, speed, maneuverability, and load capacity. However, the complexity of its design meant that they also had to develop exceptional communication and coordination to get all the oarsmen to operate as an effective team.

Innovation, teamwork, communication, and efficiency were essential to the development and effective operation of a trireme ship. These are the same qualities that we believe our company can offer through its custom-designed software and process reengineering. Like the trireme in its time, we will endeavor to make of Trirem a leader in its industry.