Technological solutions are not one size fits all. Although many companies might share some of the same basic technology needs, the effectiveness of the required services depends on being able to adapt them for a specific organization. Trirem specializes in customized Mobile, Analytics, Web Modernization, Social Media, and Big Data services, and is able to provide them individually or integrated – depending on customer requirements.


Mobile applications give you and your customers 24/7, global access to the services you offer.

Trirem can develop applications for Android, Windows, and/or OS platforms depending on your needs. Furthermore, our applications can be developed for use by the general public or restricted for use by employees and/or current customers only. At Trirem we will work with you to identify and develop those features that might be most important for you.

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We specialize in custom-built software for Windows, Linux, iOS or Android operating systems. From small scale inventory management systems to fully integrated Point-Of-Sales systems with remote access and scalability across multiple platforms, we will work with you to develop the right software for your needs.

The benefit of having your own made-to-order system is not only getting what you want in a way that makes sense for you and your business, but also the luxury of not having to pay for features that you do not need which may result in the confusion of users.

Additionally, we are able to reduce lead times on some our products by using Trirem frameworks, such as our Process Management System and our POS System, and tailoring them to fit your needs.

And although our focus is software, we will work with you to obtain the required hardware if necessary.

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When it comes to data, gathering and maintaining accurate information is only half of the equation for successfully operating a business; the other half is being able to sort, retrieve, interpret, and understand the relevant information in order to make accurate decisions.

Trirem’s analytics services can help companies to identify problems or potential issues, determine their root cause, and, through our patented intelligent predictions techniques, evaluate different case-scenario results. We are committed to work with you to develop:

• Custom user-interfaces that allow you to select the best report for your specific needs

• User-defined graphical charts, tables, and other data representations

• Document generator for a summary of user-defined key performances or word summary template of reports

Based on your Trirem product, our Analytics services can be tailored to help you better manage your production, customer relations, financial tracking, Trirem's product performance, and more. Contact us for more information.


Our team members have developed websites for all types of businesses, from single-site, small businesses, state agencies, to one of the largest federal agencies in the USA. Regardless of your company’s size, budget, industry, or physical location, a strong web presence is now as important as a strong work team. For many companies, their website is their first introduction to potential customers, so make your first impression count!

Contact us if you would like to view examples from our websites portfolio or if you are interested in getting a quote.


Trirem's framework can digest realtime social media trends and monitors activties that affect your business. Also, Trirem's personalized automation tools afford users the opportunity to be more productive in a shorter amount of time, while reducing the costs associated with distributing information across media outlets. For example, our automation tool allows you to access a single portal through which you can communicate new information to your customers via Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds, etc.


We live in the age of information, where data volumes keep rising at an exponential rate, where data sets become more diverse by the minute, and where change is a constant. But as businesses gather more and more information (on their processes, on their customers, on their industry …) it is becoming more difficult to manage all this data. Trirem can help customers deal with Big Data by:

• Providing framework integration with multiple databases including: SAP, IBM DB2, iSeries AS400, ORACLE, HADOOP, MSSQL, MySQL, MS Access, and more.

• Developing customized analytic services and corresponding visual representations to help our customers make informed business decisions based on their data.

• Creating a code generator based on customers’ inputs to further enhance the software's capabilities.

• Offering data recovery services and framework assessment to ensure that our customers are adequately protected against network breaches and potentially devastating database failures.

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