Trirem Core Framework

The Trirem Core Framework is a set of multiple libraries with a vast quantity of modules and tools designed to exceed today's standard requirements as they relate to framework breadth and efficiency. Such tools are currently used in federal agencies and Fortune 500 companies throughout the United States. Our framework is regularly updated to take advantage of the latest technologies available and it is frequently optimized to meet compatibility requirements for emerging technologies. The Trirem Core Framework constitutes the backbone of every custom-built software we develop and implement.

Trirem's Quality Manamgent System

Trirem's Quality Management System is a system that takes business management to a whole new level. Our easy-to-use system offers a wide range of features and tools that help your business succeed. This unique and robust solution was developed to successfully function across multiple industries; therefore, thoroughness and flexibility were inherent parts of the design. Trirem realizes that although quality assurance for any and every business is centered on attention to every stage of production and delivery of a product or service, these stages and their corresponding inputs can vary widely between industries or even within companies in the same industry. Furthermore, the desired tools for analysis and corrective action processing will change as easily as the end-users change. For these reasons, our Quality Management System is not only pre-built with multiple options on how to analyze data-sets, it can also be customized to fit the end-user’s needs. From color-schemes to data representation, we will work with you so that your Trirem QMS does exactly what you need it to do.

Cognitive Map Training Simulation

Our patented technology uses Fuzzy Cognitive Maps to evaluate the decision makers’ choices. This state-of-art technology and the science behind it will evaluate your desired choice and direct you to make a better decision were applicable. The Trirem Cognitive Map Training Simulation’s strength is as a formative technology to help you improve your snap judgment in fast-paced, high-variable situations. It was initially developed for the US Military so that platoon leaders could utilize it as a training system both before and after combat and field exercises. The Simulator in the system presents a realistic situation to the subject, in which he is expected to make verbal commands to his team-members. The interaction is analyzed through our patented technology and the outcome is an evaluation of the strengths of the decision based on a variety of situational factors. This system can be customized for use in almost any environment where decisions need to be made.

AutoGen Fantasy

The word “Fantasy” in our AutoGen Fantasy software is used very deliberately to highlight the fact that auto generation has gone to a completely different level. This product generates almost everything for you – even code that generates new code. This solution was developed for users who value their time, to free them from the pains of duplication. Have you ever felt like you’re drowning in the copy-paste or click-and-drag routine, or are you getting stuck having to do the exact same action to modify multiple parts of a program, a document, or a file? This tool will do it for you! It will not only follow your routine, it can also create and modify files as well. This tool is very helpful to our programmers here at Trirem and it will certainly prove to be very helpful for you too. Trirem’s AutoGen Fantasy softare will make you more efficient by freeing you from those mind-breaking, hand-breaking monotonous activities of replication, while at the same time making you more efficient by vastly reducing the potential for human error.

Enhanced Social Media Experience

To say that social media is ubiquitous is by no means an understatement. Facebook has over 1.23 billion monthly active users, 757 million daily users, and close to a billion mobile users. Twitter has 284 million monthly active users who collectively send approximately 500 million tweets a day. And then you have Instagram, Pinterest, Flicker, Vine, YouTube, Google+...

All over the world there are millions of people freely and publicly sharing volumes worth of information by the minute. Attitudes, opinions, trends, ideas, beliefs, preferences, and so much more permeates through these networks of interconnected users, all of it information that can help you and your business if only you could find a way to harness, focus, sort, and analyze it.

Trirem’s Enhanced Social Media Experience is the solution you’ve been waiting for. Our software will do the heavy lifting for you – compiling and segregating data by relevance and analyzing it to pinpoint general trends and consumer preferences and attitudes that directly relate to your product-offering. Yes, our software will help you tailor your marketing strategy, but it can do so much more. Social media analysis is currently being used by all types of organizations (for-profit and non-profit business, governement agencies, religious entities, etc.) for things ranging from predicting consumer behaviors, to identifying primary influencers in a group of people, to monitoring product reception and company reputation. The opportunities are limited only by what you need from it.

NetRegister Point of Sale System

Trirem’s NetRegister Point of Sale System is a completely integrated POS that can be easily customized for different industries including food and beverage, retail, hospitality, service, and more. This solution not only facilitates the point of purchase / point of sale transaction, it also helps streamline and speed-up the entire service process, gives management some essential payment-processing and inventory-management control tools, and aggregates and analyzes transaction information for one-click review. Because each company’s needs and budget is different, the NetRegister POS can be easily adapted to customer requirements, and a Trirem customer service specialist can discuss with you what work best for you and your company.

Some of our software’s features include:

• Multi-payment type acceptance – cash, checks, credit and debit cards

• Automatic payment adjustment calculation for specials, coupons, gift cards, discounts, etc

• Customized receipt generation

• Cloud-based or windows-based options

• User access and login controls

• Audit trails

• Transaction analysis, reporting, and multiple forms of data representation for a more clear visualization and improved understanding

• Advanced reservations scheduling options (for both buyer and seller) – this includes mobile and on-line reservations options

• Text message and email alerts (for either or both buyer and seller)

• Warehousing and Inventory management including a fully integrated barcode management system if necessary

• Customizable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

• Financials record-keeping and cross-system integration with different specialized software

• Options on how to process returns, exchanges, layaways, gift registries, loyalty programs, and more

• Coupon generator and validation

The portability and expansibility of the NetRegister POS means that you can opt to consult with us on how best to implement it on your existing hardware or have us provide a full delivery with all the hardware you will need and our system already installed and ready to run. Furthermore, you will always have the option to seamlessly scale up if you later on determine that you would like additional licenses or features.